Andrew Oldham in London Magazine

The London Magazine – April / May 2008 by Sara-Mae Tuson
Short stories by Svetlana Vasilenko and G.J. Buckell.
Poems by Andrew Oldham, Ann Drysdale, Claire Crowther, Deirdre Coffey, Isobel Dixon, Luke Kennard, Negar Hasen-Zadeh, Aleksandr Pushkin.
‘The Englishing of Russian’, Michele A. Berdy
‘How a Georgian-English Dictionary was Made’, Donald Rayfield
‘Andrey Platonov and the White Sea Canal’, Robert Chandler
Selah Hennessey talks to Alexander Ilichevskii
Catherine Neilan on Aleksandr Rodchenko
Fred Johnston reviews Elena Shvarts
With new film column by Nicholas Royle
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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lisa says:

    For those of you who have been clicking through to The London Magazine, we apologise, the site seems to be down at the moment or someone over there has forgotten to pay the server bill. We’ll let you know when it’s back up!

  2. Druda says:

    This is awesome !!! Good work

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