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incorporatingwriting61Andrew has been overseeing the latest issue of Incorporating Writing, guest edited by Tight Lip in Brighton. Andrew is always on the look out for content and you find the writers guidelines on their website. Here is the latest blurb on the issue:
Issue 6 Vol 1: IT’S ALIVE

Guest Editor: Tight Lip, Brighton
In the darkest, deepest winter months, things stir and creep between the storms and in the highest tower of Incorporating Writing central, Frankenstein screams, It’s Alive. The faded version of Whale’s original classic film plays on our only source of heat, the television. Why is everything so bad in the world of Incorporating Writing? For months we have been bombarded by media hyperbole about the credit crunch, the economic downturn and Gordon Brown. All are killing the world of books dead! Day after day, blame is pointed at the banks, politicians, the Arts Council, publishers, writers, magazines, promoters, the grand folly that will be the 2012 Olympics and Mr & Mrs Stefani (our neighbours). Is this the end for literature, for books, for Incorporating Writing?

No! Tight Lip come to the pages of Incorporating Writing to prove that Live Literature is well and growing in Brighton, UK ( With the help of Tight Lip members we go behind the Live Literature scene and see how the writer China Mieville tackles the day to day work of promoting, writing and how Literature will adapt to the coming changes. We meet up and coming poet, Gary Goodman as he shows us how he writes, and that he too is surviving the downturn. Cathi Unsworth reveals her secret London passion. Meredith Okell yells for us to bring out the dead as she looks at the world of poetry and performance poetry, and reveals a startling truth. Dan McTiernan finds himself coming around to the art of story telling via opening a bakers and Christine Brandel is still confused in the USA with Live Literature. Janet Aspey oversees the world of criticism, in a reviews section spanning the latest offerings from the likes of Ali Smith, Jo Baker and Shena Mackay. We exhibit the work of Sam Collins in Perfect Eye. The end may be here for the arts and the economy but Incorporating Writing still remains all critical and all free at

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Incorporating Writing (ISSN 1743-0380) is an imprint of Incwriters, back issues are archived at ines.htm

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  1. Lisa says:

    Great edition, China Mieville comes across as a really nice guy. Gary Goodman shows that an up and coming poet can address some real issues but it worries me that he doesn’t read poetry – heard too many wannabe poets say this and they never last. As you once said, support the very industry you want to be in or go away.

  2. Gonzo says:

    Great, at last a modern SF writer, China is a great.

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