Nominate Writers & Poets

poetryAndrew will step down as the Fiction Editor for Red Ink this summer. This means that the reading period for fiction and poetry is suspended in 2009. Instead, poets, writers, readers, academic institutions, publishers, promoters and the literary organisations have been invited to submit nominations. 

Red Ink 7 and 8 will be devoted to the top 10 fiction and short story writers, and the top 20 poets.  This is were you all come in. You can nominate your list of 20 Poets and 10 short story writer or novelists you admire.

The rules are simple, they must live in the UK (doesn’t matter if they were born elsewhere, they still contribute to the UK scene) and they must be alive.

These names will then be collated with everyone else who is nominating (feel free to pass this onto fellow writers, academics, publishers and poets). Red Ink will then endeavour to publish two editions with all of these poets and writers in.

Remember that Red Ink does publish reprints, they’re happy to do so and that they are the only UK publication to publish fiction of any length. They publish series of poems rather than just one poem. Red Ink wants to give a snap shot of UK literature today.

All nominations can be returned to the new editors at:

The cut off for this is the 4th April 2009.

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