Andrew does David Blaine

david_blaine_glass_box_jpg_displayWatch Andrew Oldham in a glass box! On the 9th March 2009, the writer and poet, Andrew Oldham, has been invited to enter a glass box. Will he be as annoying as the magician David Blaine? More than likely. Will you be able to watch him and laugh? Yes you will and you can watch it again and again at:

Andrew will take part in the art installation, Forty Days of Public Solitude. But can Andrew stay silent for more than a minute? Not even when he sleeps.

You can watch him slowly turn in to a goldfish on the 9th March and leave any comments at:

Forty Days of Public Solitude has been created by Frunt and Sanctus who have invited known artists and members of the public to spend a day in the Nexus window space. Some will feel trapped. Some will flourish and create. The wilderness of isolation versus the wildness of inspiration.

Andrew will have nothing but water (he has a small bladder), a Bible (he’s an Athiest) and Shakespeare (the collected works not the corpse). Forty Days will recordi his comings and goings on their website, in the hope of documenting some creative, inspiring and life-affirming moments. This is Andrew!

Andrew will post up his experiences on this website after the event. Drop by on the 9th March, online or in Manchester (Nexus Arts Cafe, Dale Street).

For the first time we can study Andrew! That’s enough to put off anyone.

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  1. Christine says:

    Great to watch the archives–you whizzing through page after page. If only life were like that. How did what you wrote “inside” work out–or was it just “No TV and no beer make Andrew go crazy”?

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