Andrew Oldham, Poets on Politics: A State of Paper

tlmmarchapril09Andrew Oldham features in the new edition of The London Magazine – March / April 2009 (edited by Sara-Mae Tuson). In a bid to bring common sense to the world of bureaucracy Andrew tackles the problems we all face in our day to day working life. Bloody paperwork! There is only one real solution to it all and that is to blame the government and everything that has become Brown in our world. Andrew has lit the match and by the time the Government fills in the paperwork to act on the ensuing fire, half of the system will have burnt down and Andrew will have changed his name and will be living on a tropical island off the coast of Bognor. He’s looking for suggestions for his new name! Send suggestions today! TLM also features Penelope Bennett, Peter Branson, Olivia Byard, Olivia Clare, Beata Duncan, Hugh Dunkerley, Marian Garvey, Ronald Gaskell, Nicholas Halmi, Bridget Khursheed, Gail Low, Margaret McCartney, Kate Miller, Ruth O’Callaghan, O’ar Pali, Clare Pollard, Martin Reed, Nicholas Royle, William Shutes, David Swann, Kiran Toor, Loree Westron, Jenni Williams, Kieron Winn, Naomi Woddis

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  1. Kieran Adams says:

    i have never been a fan of Bad Politics and bad policies in the government. they always present bad news.”~’

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