Incorporating Writing Issue 6 Vol 2: VIOLENCE feat. Andrew Oldham

Issue 6 Vol 2: VIOLENCE

So, the credit crunch has hit and violent crime is on the rise. Here in the offices of Incorporating Writing we have seen the way violence escalates in the everyday. Last week one of the reviewers borrowed an editor’s pen and never returned it. They have not been seen since and the blood smear echoes of their fingerprints on the office floor is not being talked about. Violence is something we are all drawn to, it is the headline news, the tickertape on twitter and the moral question of the moment. Yet, the macabre is growing in the world of writing and the arts. In the latest edition, Andrew Taylor and Daniele Pantano reveal their growing addiction to the darker side of writing and living. In our articles, new boy, Ian Kenworthy, takes his own life in his hands as he clearly states the North is a place of violence and death. Helen Stacey stands her ground against the growing tide of anger and Valeria Kogan notes violence and paranoia is growing excuse in our world. In her column from America, Christine Brandel notes that the USA is now safer than the UK. In his editorial, Andrew Oldham comes if with a one handed solution to acts of violence, compulsory masturbation. Between all this and much more, Sara-Jayne Parsons walks into the fray as the new Arts Editor, revamping Perfect Eye into Writing with Light. Parsons brings us the work of John Darwell and startling images of the foot and mouth outbreak that swamped the UK earlier in the decade. Janet Aspey oversees reviews on the violent offerings from Roberto Saviano (now in hiding after being placed on the Mafia’s hitlist), Sudhir Venkatesh, Jason Donald, Vesna Maric and Gil Adamson. The walls of Incorporating Writing may be blood stained but we still remain bloody critical and free at
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