Writers Retreats

With the credit crunch biting, don’t deny yourself the chance to recharge the batteries and be creative. Alizon Brunning has passed this onto me, Alizon is an old friend, and this is her new venture. This is a stunning region and a wonderful place to stay.

The apartments are in our own lovingly restored town house which is located right at the heart of the Arabic quarter with its ancient historic buildings and cobbled winding streets. The apartments have been designed as romantic hideaways where you can get away from it all, yet have access to lively bars, and shops. From the terraces you can watch the light change over the olive groves, see the farmer plough his field, the goatherd drive his animals home and spot many birds of prey. Summer evenings bring spectacular shows of shooting stars.In a few minutes you can walk to the magnificent gorge with its ruined flour mills and abundance of flora and fauna. Five minutes brings you to two traditional squares surrounded by lively bars where the tapas are still free and top quality Rioja is served. A short drive takes you to the hot springs after which the town is named. Swimming can be in the local pool or at Lake Bermajales only a 15 minute drive away. An artist’s and writer’s paradise.


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  1. I too run a writers retreat you might like to know about, in the village of Sheepwash, in Devon, UK.
    We offer comfortable but xen like rooms with desks and kettles, the run of our 16th century thatched house, complete with blazing log fire, plenty of homecooked food, good wine, and feedback from working writer, if needed. Plus a very warm welcome, tranquil surroundings, and the freedom to be sociable or solitary, whichever you choose.
    More details on the website. We even have a visiting massage therapist to soothe away any writers cramp.

  2. We offer half or full board for our writers retreats – along with plenty of TLC and feedback if needed, around the fire in the evenings. More on the website….www.deborahdooleyjournalist.co.uk

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