2009 has been a tough year for publishers across the UK and small press magazines are feeling the pinch too. Over the last 12 months we have seen our subscriptions plummet by 90%. This means that from this summer Red Ink will become unviable and will cease to be published. We don’t want to see this happen. 

Red Ink has nurtured new and established poets over the last 3 years. It is the only UK publication to print a series of poems by a handful of poets, allowing readers to see a bredth of work and giving poets the opportunity to see more than one poem appear in an issue. We only concentrate on one fiction writer an issue. We are unique and up to 2009 we were growing. Subscribing to Red Ink is cheap, it is £7.50 for 2 years (we will email you with new edition in Summer and Winter of each year). That is less than £1.90 an issue for over 50pp (Red Ink 5 contained 100pp). A percentage of these monies from the magazine subscriptions goes into supporting Incwriters promote writing and reading at a grass roots level.

If each one of you take out one subscription and get two of your friends to do likewise you will help us to keep going. Please help, in any way you can, buy a subscription, buy a back issue or spread the word. The latest and last issue that Andrew edited has just been published and features poetry by Matthew Friday, R.G. Gregory, Jenny Harrow, Kathleen Kenny, F.J. Milne, Molly Naylor, Nusra Nazir, Phoebe Power and features a short story by Kath McKay .

Thanks for supporting us.

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