Incorporating Writing Issue 6 Vol 3: AGE Issue 6 Vol 3: AGE

‘It comes to us all!’ is often mumbled in supermarkets by the elderly from their motor scooter seconds after they have mowed you down. Flat, despondent and with a tyre track on your stomach it is easy to consider your own mortality or note that no one ever cleans under the units in supermarkets. But don’t worry, the team at Incorporating Writing are vibrant, have new hips, and clean in places that weekend staff in supermarkets never get to. We have bumbled out into the high street of publishing to explore Age. We look at the growing revolution in publishing with Katya Shipster, we stop off at the immoveable feast that is academia with James Methven. We let Tom Chivers free on his skateboard and Christine Brandel tackles the fact that growing old does happen over night. New columnist, Sofie Fowler, revels in being young. In our editorial, Andrew Oldham, realises those childhood dreams where never as good as you thought they were. In our articles, Faith Roswell tackles Coming of Age and Rebecca Richards wonders whether the Internet as it grows old will descend into crisis or senior moments. We are fortunate to exhibit a series of images from Wondrous by Michelle Sank. As usual we are chock full of reviews, news and opportunities. All free, all critical.

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