T.F. Griffin Audio Recording July 2009

Another poet, another recording and a million miles away from the opinions of Milner Place. T.F. Griffin is a poet who believes that every poetic line should be able to stand alone. These principals came across the recording in Leeds and Ian Parks, Ed Reiss and I were joined by Jules Smith (TLS Critic) and Pam Scobie. It was a busy afternoon, and we did cover vast sections of Griffin’s life from his correspondence with Ted Hughes to his work with Larkin. T.F. Griffin comes from the Hull Poets movement, a tempestuous time that saw the far left clash with the literary elite, and saw poetry at it’s political height. T.F. Griffin went against this grain to capture poetic images that owe more to Yeats and Hughes then campus sit ins, three day week and the growing crowd of bored, angry young men.

I hope in the next few weeks to put up some audio excerpts from this recording and Milner Place’s recording, probably under the Oldham Sessions banner – let me know if you want to hear them!

In the above image are left to right, at the back, Andrew Oldham and Ed Reiss, and at the front, Ian Parks and T.F. Griffin.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Yes please, would love to hear some of these recordings!


  2. Thurstan Binns says:

    A very flattering description of the Hull scene; actually it was much more about beer than politics, but whatever the muse it produced some distinctive and heartfelt outpourings. Thurstan Binns, a not so casual observer.

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