New Appointment

newwebsite2009Andrew has been appointed as the first Director for Though Andrew founded Incwriters with Ian Parks, William Park and Bixby Monk back in 2004, he has taken a backseat since 2007 and only worked in a limited role as Administrator. He has now been brought back on board to oversee the change in the website, and to bring back the one stop shop ethos the original website had. Andrew says, ‘I am looking forward to showing the site at it’s best, to create a website devoted to publishing and reading. The new website will allow publishers and readers to register and contribute, those just passing through can comment too. It has everything for everybody’.

The new website is already filling up with posts from books coming out in coming months from publishers, to events, opportunities and recordings from dead and living poets. It also heralds the launch of two new awards to sit side by side with the OCL(M) Award, these are The Milner Place Prize for Poetry and The Incwriters Prose Prize.

The Director’s post allows faster turnaround, faster communication and a greater presence in the industry.

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