Ambit 197

Ambit197cover_smallAndrew Oldham is in the latest edition of Ambit, issue 197, with two poems, The Little Red House and These Walls. Other poets featured in Ambit 197 are Fred Voss, Anthony Suter, Robert Cole and Robert Sward to name a few with cover art by Chris Pig.

Ambit was started in 1959 by Martin Bax. Other editors include Carol Ann Duffy, Michael Foreman, Henry Graham and Geoff Nicholson.

Ambit is published in the UK and read internationally. It’s available through subscription and in selected bookshops and libraries worldwide.

‘Ambit is a surreptitious peek inside a private world. Without it such vital sparks of inspiration could well be lost for ever.’ – RALPH STEADMAN

You can buy Ambit 197 featuring Andrew Oldham at or better still take out a subscription at

Ambit has a Facebook Group at

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