Born Into An Unquiet: T.F. Griffin at 60

TFGriffinat60_cover‘Born Into An Unquiet’ (Flux Gallery Press 2009) is a unique celebration of the work and life of T.F. Griffin to mark his 60th birthday; edited by the poet, Ian Parks. This collection comprises of a seminal interview between the two discussing the core of his work, together with critical book reviews and appraisals from a variety of academic resources.

Also included, together with facsimile pages from his notebooks, are a number of essays and poems from fellow poets and friends, such as, Jules Smith, Andrew Oldham, Ed Reiss, Gaia Holmes, Tony Flynn, Milner Place, Genny Rhatz, Linda Marshall, Ian Pople, Peter Didsbury and William Park. All of whom have encountered T.F. Griffin’s poetry over the years. Due from Flux Gallery Press in October 2009, for further enquiries visit:

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