Incorporating Writing: The Last Editorial

Well, this is my last editorial for Incorporating Writing. With impending Fatherhood, a busy schedule and my writing doing well. I have decided along with the editorial team to call it a day after seven years. It’s always best to go out on a high and we have produced some great editions my greatest claim during those years is that we were one of the last magazines to interview Hunter S. Thompson before his death. He was my hero, and I was happy to have him in the magazine. I want to thank everyone who was involved or read the magazine, we went from a few hundred readers a month to over 30,000+ at our peak.  Hope you enjoy the editorial, leave your comments. Back issues are located at

Andrew Oldham 01/10/2009

Issue 6 Vol 4 2009: CREATIVE WRITING (ISSN 1743-0380)

So the end is here, after seven years, many issues, many writers, interviews, reviews and articles, the editorial team are hanging up their pens, throwing computers out of the window and cheering each time they hit a critic.

The last issue goes back to our roots, it features the first photographer we ever had on our pages, Lisha Aquino Rooney. We tackle the world of Creative Writing with writer and academic, Andrew Biswell, in interview with GP Kennedy. Nastasha Smith looks at the ever expanding world of the writers workshop and Rebecca Richards tries to convince us all that Creative Writing courses aren’t full of drinkers. Toby Litt is our last writer to reveal their secret passion and what a passion! Christine Brandel and Sofie Fowler bow out as our final columnists. Andrew Oldham’s editorial doesn’t hold back as he rants his way off the map. Janet Aspey stands firm on her editing of the final reviews from Byatt to Byrne. We’d like to thank all our readers, reviewers, writers, contributors and editors. We’ve had seven glorious years and we are going out on a high. The best way to end.

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