Andrew Oldham on PoetCasting

PoetcastingEarlier in 2009, on a wild and woolly day I was invited to record some of my poetry along with the poets, Ian Parks, Gaia Holmes and Milner Place. The recording took place in Milner’s Cottage in the countryside. The recordings were engineered and produced by the wonderful and dedicated Alex Pryce of PoetCasting. For those of you who do not know PoetCasting they are an Arts Council funded organisation who records British and Irish poets and publishes their audio recordings online. PoetCasting aims to bring together poets from all backgrounds to share the medium of the internet. Here poets can be read and heard in one place.

I am proud to be one of the poets now associated with this excellent website and they have included podcasts of my poems Geometry, Ways of Autumn, Calling of Young Tony (originally commissioned by the Carolione Wiseman Gallery and The London Magazine) and even the very new, and long poem, The Anchor (which I recorded in one take with no apparent fluffs). You can hear them all at:

Do leave your comments here and at PoetCasting.

Andrew Oldham 03/10/2009

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