Last Minute Christmas Buy For Writers

DSC_0521Recently, the kind people at The Scribble House sent me a notebook (see image). Now, writers love notebooks, I mean we’re fanatical about finding the right notebook to write in. We are sniffy about notebooks. The Scribble House is that rare thing, a family run business who love, who are devoted to quality notebooks. Quality always comes at a price, their notebooks start at a reasonable £12 and rise to a wopping £72 BUT remember, a notebook can last a writer a year or two years. That means the most expensive notebook wouldn’t even be a penny a week!

Now, how many of you buy those awful cheap notebooks from high street retailers only to find when you open them after several uses that every page flies away? Or worst still, several years later you dig out that old notebook to find every page flaking and turned to a fine nicotine yellow? The Scribble House notebooks won’t do this because every page is bound to the leather. They are built to last years and writers need notebooks that are built to last. This is a notebook that could last on any continent, in any weather, at any height or depth.

How did a I get this? The Scribble House were kind enough to give me one, as a Christmas gift. The notebook arrived beautifully packaged in a beautiful box, a notebook in a box not just whacked in a plastic bag! Quality speaks volumes!  As soon as I opened it I knew I was facing something of beauty, the smell alone, that sweet smell mixed with the musk of paper and leather.

Another thing writers love, you can see them in libraries smelling old books, it’s the smell of quality – missing in the online experience.

It is the tiny touches with The Scribble House that sets them apart from their competitors. This soft bound leather notebook oozes class from the quality of its binding, to the helpful stitched in book mark and the gold edges on the paper.

The only gripe I would have is that I prefer plain pages rather than lined but this is a personal preference and I know many writers who clamour for a decent lined notebook. Well, you’ve found it at The Scribble House. This is a notebook that will last you a lifetime. Reward yourself with quality this Christmas.

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