Best of Manchester Poets, Volume 1

Great news! Two of Andrew’s poems will appear in the forthcoming Best of Manchester Poets, Volume 1 published by Puppywolf. Puupywolf is a new publisher based in Manchester. Puppywolf was founded in 2010 to publish the very best of poetry originating in Manchester, United Kingdom. Few British cities have such a vibrant scene, full of such positive energy. Puppywolf is run by Keir Thomas, a local poet, award-winning author and literary editor. Click here to learn more about Puppywolf. Puppywolf’s inaugural publication is Best of Manchester Poets, with the first issue due to go on sale 1st June 2010. Best of Manchester Poets will be published twice a year and contributions are invited from anybody who defines themselves as a Manchester poet. It is overseen by a panel of poet editors.

 The collection will be out in Summer 2010. More news will appear here when the collection is released.

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