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simon_credit_jonty_wilde‘ The Pennine Way – Can You Help?

Hello.  In July 2010 I’m walking the Pennine Way and writing a book about it.  All the guide books recommend (in fact some insist) that the walk should be done from South to North, to keep the weather at your back and the sun out of your face.  Despite which, I’m walking it from top to bottom, starting in Kirk Yetholm and finishing in Edale.  It’s because I live close to the southern end of the trail, and I like the idea of walking home.  Also, that way it will be downhill, right?

More importantly, I’m doing the walk as a poet, in the style of the old troubadours.  Wherever I stop for the night I’m going to give a poetry reading.  There will be no charge for the reading, but at the end of the evening I’m going to pass a hat around, and people can give me what they think I’m worth.  I want to see if I can pay my way from start to finish on the proceeds of my poetry.  So, it’s basically 264 miles of begging.

If you live on or near one of the recognised stopping points on the Pennine Way and would be willing to host or organise a reading for me, be it in a room in a pub, a village hall, a church, a library, a school, a barn, or even in your living room, do get in touch by emailing me at:

If you can throw in B&B and a packed lunch, point me in the right direction next day, sherpa my gear along to the next stop, or even want to walk that leg of the journey with me, so much the better.  I’m pretty well house-trained and know at least three moderately funny anecdotes.’

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