ARCHIVE: Edwardian Man – Rubbish

edwardianrubbishWill the streets ever been clean? Back in the cobbled days, the streets were free of fast food wrappers, discarded cigarette packs from oafs lips. Yes, I say oafs, we have all seen them on the corners, bottles and cans in hand jeering at ladies and gents. Really, did their family never beat manners into them? What is the excitement of hanging around in street corners when one can be at home playing bridge? There is no contest, a warm fire, a pair of slippers, a brewing pipe and the love of a the green baize and cards. More oafs should be trained to play bridge or take up the broom. If they want to spend their nights on street corners, then give them purpose, give them a broom. Let them clean the streets, give them purpose, a job and the pride that they have kept our country clean.

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