ARCHIVE: Edwardian Man – Gardening

026The season is upon us and the garden is coming into bloom, here is a photo from the Modern Edwardian’s Garden (once a car parking space but no more!). As you can see we hark back to that country cottage feel. It always worries me when I see garden after garden paved over, or when gardens are referred to as outside rooms. Not only is it bad for wildlife that we lose our gardens to concrete but it’s bad for us. A garden is a place to relax, to stop and stare, to just sit, to just sit and think. A garden is as good as the amount of time you put into it. There shall be no reference to the low maintenance garden here. The low maintenance garden is for those low of brains and ability to read a book. Learn to garden you lazy oafs! Even a few bulbs like this can put a smile on your face. Don’t moan and say you have no time, or you have children, get them involved, spend an hour in the garden, switch off the television. To give you an idea, all this planting on this photo took an hour for the entire garden. In that hour, I did not think about the stresses of life. I enjoyed the fun of just being in the open, taking in the air and now I have this. I can sit amongst the flowers on my chair, take in the blooms, the scents and smells, and at no point do I think, let’s have a barbeque. Really, they are just a vulgar excuse to stink out the entire neighbourhood and annoy everyone.

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