Incwriters: Another Update 03/02/2011

I have been in discussion with the relevant members of the Council and Incwriters will cease to operate on the 4th April 2011.

This means that the FB group and all other online activity will cease on or just after that date. Please leave this group asap and make it easier for us to close it down.

The following things will close with Incwriters, The Outstanding Contribution to Literature (Magazines), the poetry and fiction prizes for individual poets and writers, the Magazine Listings, the Save Our Presses Campaign, the Shop, the Magazine Archive, The Poetry Archive and all content from the blogs.

I will be carrying across to my website, from the 5th April 2011, the imprints, Red Audio, Red Ink and Incorporating Writing. I am working to make these available via Kindle and Amazon. I will also be starting Andrew Oldham Publishing, which will be housed at my website at This will protect these Incwriters titles, making them available to a wider audience. Andrew Oldham Publishing will also generate new e-titles under new imprints ranging from poetry to short fiction and factual. All these will be ebooks. It will also provide opportunities to new writers & poets and established names. Submission Guidelines are being drawn up as we talk. Reviews of poetry collections and books (fact & fiction) will also be carried over. There will be a continuous home for bloggers on reading and writing. There will be space for fellow e-publishers but not hardcopy publishers (this is a major change as not to conflict with the original Constitution of Incwriters, we will be happy to review your publication but do not have the resources to work with you). There will be time for poets & writers to blog with us. The Definitions Project will also be carried over from Mid 2011.

I advise for you to stay in this new loop by joining my group at
This will keep you up to date on Andrew Oldham Publishing from the 5th April 2011. Please update your records, the new contact email for me will be ajoldham (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk. Please delete incwriters (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk from your address books along with any contact emails ending in incwriters (dot) co (dot) uk.

Thanks for all the supportive emails. I will be in contact with all bloggers and e-publishers from Incwriters in the coming weeks to arrange time and space on my website.

Andrew Oldham

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  1. alice wooledge salmon says:

    Dear Andrew,

    Am very sorry about all this! And pleased to learn about the planned renaissance.

    I continue to write and publish and due to other imperatives, have not yet joined facebook — so your post should be the impetus.

    In the meantime, as I would love to submit short fiction when you’re receptive, would you kindly add my e-mail address to appropriate aspect of the new loop?

    With my thanks and very best, Alice WS — as in, for instance, Red Ink 4

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