Fiction: Andrew Oldham

Andrew’s fiction has been published in Next Stop Hope (Route ISBN 1 901927 19 9), Gargoyle 55, The Times (pictured here), Transmission, Lateral Moves and Flux. His fiction deals with the fantastical, the SF in everyday.

Andrew is an award winning fiction writer.

In 1998, Andrew penned one of the first interactive stories for the web, Neuter, played out on the web and in real time on the London Underground, utilising flashmob and attracting over 27,000 contributors. Neuter has since been cited as part of the first wave of writing to utilise the internet to write fiction for a multimedia platform. It has been included in the writing and digital programmes at the at University of California Santa Barbara and the University of Minnesota.  It was short-listed for TrAce/Alt-X Hypertext Award 1999 (awarded at the Associate Writing Conference in New York in the same year).

In 1997, Andrew won his first award, the North West Arts Board Young Writers Award, which included a development workshop with Michele Roberts and Sara Le Fanu at Arvon.

A Jerwood-Arvon nominee, he writes stories for such publishers as, Route, and has been a fiction editor for Red Ink. His work has been broadcast on BBC R4. He lectures in Fiction at EHU and the OU.

“A visionary writer with a rosy future” – Manchester Evening News

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