Lapwing New Store: Buy Ghosts of a Low Moon

Lapwing (Belfast) has been publishing leading poets for over twenty years and this week they launched their new online store. Lovers of poetry can now purchase hardcopies and e-books from a list of poets that include A.E. Brown, Adam Czerniawski, Aoife Casby & Celeste Augé, Aubrey Malone, Brenda Old, Byron Beynon, Carmen Gray, Charles Poulsen, Colette Wittorski translated by Fred Johnston, Colm Quinn, Deirdre Kearney, Eamonn McLaughlin, Frank Gillougley, Gary Allen, Geraldine Paine, Gerard Burns, Hugh McFadden, Ian Parks, Ivan J. Casson, Jack Holland, Jan Oskar Hansen, John O’ Malley, Kathy D’Arcy, Michael Conaghan, Milner Place, P.D. Lyons, Patrick Chapman, Rhoda Watson, Roger Elkin, Rosemary Furber, Sophia Dimmock and Todd Swift to name a few of the hundreds of poets in the new shop: Enjoy browsing hundreds of poetry titles. Titles available in hard copy & e-book format. Each title can be previewed before purchase.

Andrew Oldham’s new collection, Ghosts of a Low Moon is now available via the Lapwing shop here:

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