Vasko Popa

Day 3, which brings me on to my admiration for Vasko Popa, a Serbian poet brought into relative prominence by the poet Charles Simic, who was struck by Popa’s surrealism and seeming simplicity and decided to translate him into English. It must have taken him a good while.

What I like so much about Simic’s translation of the poems is their lack of human population and the subject matter they explore: a spirit god with a halo of bees, a surreal sequence about different types of (really quite brutal) games, a sequence addressing a lame wolf and a series of poems about a ‘little box’.

They’re fascinating poems, and due to the wonders of internet copyright flouting can be viewed for free at

The only copy of Simic’s selected translations I could find had to come from America but it was worth it.

See you tomorrow

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  1. Barry Pariah says:

    Not bad going, for a wolf 😉

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