Andrew Oldham Publishing: Goggle

I have been working over the last few months, sifting through the wreckage of Incwriters, to sort a way forward for the Incwriters back catalogue. It has become clear, after discussions with legal experts on copyright, that we could not reprint this back catalogue without a lot of administration, good will and access to the Incwriters database. As you may all know that would be illegal under the Data Protection Act. We could not contact writers, poets and article writers as ‘Andrew Oldham Publishing’ because they agreed to have their information stored by Incwriters. The Incwriters database, from what I have now gathered, has now been destroyed taking over 12,000 contacts with it. This is common practice when an organisation stops operating, they cannot legally store your information any longer.

It happens and I am not going to get down about this. The back catalogue was archived by me at the British Library during my tenure with Incwriters, so nothing has been lost. It is all in storage with them from Incorporating Writing to Red Ink. However, I cannot reprint ANY of it without the permission of the contributors, as they still hold copyright of their poetry and prose. Sadly there are not enough hours to track them all down. Remember, we are talking about SEVEN years of publishing and we published over 100+ people a year and that was just Red Ink. Incorporating Writing had a massive turn over, frightening numbers, that I am proud of and dismayed that I ever did it!

Therefore, I have been working with Cupcake PR to take my ideas forward as Andrew Oldham Publishing and over the last few months I have launched Goggle as a YouTube Channel and today I am announcing my plans to launch Goggle as an e-imprint of Andrew Oldham Publishing. It will publish short fiction, poetry and factual only. It will also run its first online festival in August 2011. The festival and the imprint is by invitation only and I am presently in talks with a diverse range of writers from SF writers to well known poets who want to get a foot on the Kindle ladder. They have been great and we hope to start bringing e-books out in 2012. I’m not going to mention any names yet as nothing has been tightened up or signed.

Cupcake PR also designed our new logo. I really like it but then I wear glasses.

I want to thank everyone who has come forward to help me try and resurrect the Incwriters back catalogue but sometimes you just have to draw a line under it and move on.

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