Big Sur

This is being saved from our old USA Honeymoon Blog, posted 23rd September 2006, snapshot of the world behind GHOSTS OF A LOW MOON:

Yes, here is a picture from Big Sur, around Deetjens, place of the Sasquatch and his cupboard.

If you squint you can see a Big Foot handgliding to the west of the picture with a shrew.

It is truly an awe inspiring place, some trees here are 3,000 years old and one that fell and sent up these trees (redwood’s when they fall send up more trees from the roots) was over 21,000 years old. Mind boggling.

We lollygagged here for awhile and spent time in a cabin, in the woods, without a lock on the door dreaming of axe murderers and rabid racoons on killing sprees – seriously, check out Deetjens, good food, good people and a great place.

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