Raspberry Champagne Cocktail

This is the rest of the Honeymoon Blog from September 2006:

Raspberry Champers

Raspberry Champagne Cocktail 

3/4 tsp. Chambord (raspberry-flavored liqueur)
3/4 cup chilled Champagne

Dip glass in lemon juice swirl in bar sugar
Combine Chambord and Champagne in a flute
Drizzle more chambord on top
Add a sliver of lemon peel

Pure bliss , bliss in a glass ….. UNTIL

Andrew starts halluciinating and staring strangely…. following ONE – (he had one) yes one Hunter S Thompson cocktail – which was half ice.

He even chased me down the corridoor meowing like a cat – it is fairly safe to say we are barred for life from the Hotel Rex bar

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