Flying Home

This is the rest of the Honeymoon Blog from September 2006:

Tomorrow, bright and early we fly home, Andrew has filled a coke bottle with barcardi and coke and plans to drink his way through US security, faintly smelling of cat pee and singing songs from the musicals. Favorites in his repotoire will be HELLO DOLLY, IT’S SPRINGTIME FOR…, COMPANY, CATS (or his revised version, CATS I THROW SHOES AT). So, Andrew will crash out of America singing MEMORIES to bemused Latino security guards, African-American porters and American Stewardesses (is there a hierarchy here?) and occasionally throwing in a MIAOWWW – see his cocktail adventure.
Carol is opting the new polaris style way of returning home, see picture, she hopes family and friends will join her five miles outside of Manchester with candles and soft furnishings, pillows, mattresses and beanie babies to cushion her descent. So, that she can meet Andrew at the airport just as he starts in on FINNIANS RAINBOW – he will be taking the role of Petula Clarke. 



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