Love your jacket…Man!

This is the rest of the Honeymoon Blog from September 2006:

Today we went to Haight – Ashbury famous or imfamous for a number of things… 

The Grateful Dead

And the fantastic Amoeba Record Shop.

Eventually on the second 71 bus we caught (first one was going in the wrong direction) we reached Haight St.

It was a bit like Manchester used to be like pre-bomb around the Corn Exchange area. What was sad was that now vintage clothes shops side onto Gap, Ben and Jerrys etc.

I had a great lunch of Buzz Potatos – not what it sounds like – thats Home Fries, with peppers, onions and olives topped with home made tomato salsa and sour cream – yum. Andrew had his staple Bagel with cream cheese.

We stopped by the Goodwill and Andrew picked up a vintage leather jacket – which is his new best friend. American sizes dont suit me humph!!!

Well we are back home tomorrow – our American Adventure is coming to a close. But our real adventure in married life is just beginning and wont that be a trip and a half!!!

Ps. Pics and a guess the caption competition will be coming up soon when we return so dont go away now. Plus more post event sonfused ramblings will be added in the coming weeks.

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