Goggle Publishing

Okay, you all know now that I was the Director for Incwriters for several years and forged some great links with literature organisations and publishers across the UK, mainland Europe and the USA. When Incwriters folded in February 2011 we were all shocked but born from the ashes is Goggle.

I have been running tester events on this website, including the Goggle Festival, but I need to make it clear that it is a separate entity but all under the umbrella of Andrew Oldham Publishing.

Later this year, in readiness for the run up to Christmas and our new titles, the Andrew Oldham website will become static and will be about me and my writing, mainly poetry and fiction. In the same month I will launch two new sites, the first devoted to Goggle Publishing and e-publishing, smartphone apps at http://www.gogglepublishing.co.uk. Goggle will be a blog website focused on poetry, short fiction and non-fiction allowing our list of writers to blog there and to have virtual tours there. We believe in the power of the web to bring audiences together from across the globe. In 2012, Andrew Oldham Publishing will launch a new venture http://www.lifeonpigrow.co.uk. Life on Pig Row will focus on the aspect of my writing that concentrates on gardening, vintage lifestyle and rural living. You want to hear more? Well, you’ll just have to wait! Onwards and upwards!

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