The Art of Great Storytelling: Francis Firebrace

The art of the great storyteller seems to be on the demise in the world today, as we turn to new technologies, faster ways, we forget the power of one man, one story and a roaring fire. This may be the romantic image of storytelling, more akin to scout camp, scary stories and frightening the living daylights out of each other. There are other stories though, great stories and Francis Firebrace shares them across the world. He is one man seeking to save the stories of his tribe, stories that resonate with people across all cultures. You may see parallels with stories you have heard from distant British sources, when history and myth where interchangeable. The great art of a great storyteller is to remember that even in fiction there is always a grain of truth. Sit back, click the link and find out a little more about Francis and his world.

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  1. Hi Andrew! Thanks so much for the post on this project. I’m one of the producers working on it and we really appreciate it.

    If anyone can/wants to support us, please visit – even if people can’t contribute, just “Like-ing” and Tweeting about the project really helps Francis get his message out to the world and save his cultures’ stories!

  2. charlotte moen says:

    Sounds like a very interesting project. I am currently exploring the art of story telling in relation to the management of change.

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