The Reformation Nearing Completion

So, it took one year to write and  three years, one birth, one toddler, a move of house, a change of lifestyle to finish it but here it is.

The hardcopy ms of The Reformation, born in a NaNoWriMo idea, fleshed out as I took the advice of the late Ray Bradbury. I sat down and spoke to my characters, asked them their stories, all of them and then told them. This SF Romance is a simple idea, the difference between living and surviving. I guess it reflects the last three years of my life and much more. Here is the ms for editing, over the next few weeks I will be going through it line by line, checking spelling, grammar and then we will see. Thanks to everyone who read this, gave me feedback and took time out just to sit down and read it. You can see my journey through this novel from the start to the middle to the end, which will come soon.

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