Losing The Plot

I have forgiven Dr Who over the years. I met Tom Baker as a child and between jelly babies and mind numbing fear thrown in with one half dressed companion, I stuck with him and the Doctors who followed. I stayed with him to his television end, I wept after McCoy bowed out and wept when McGann tried to reboot the franchise. Both for differing reasons. The Who universe has never been perfect and each Doctor has brought something new. Tenant for me was the best of the bunch in the new batch – there is an analogy in there to Gremlins 2 (an ill considered sequel, more to do with merchandising – another parallel beckons but I will refrain). However after last night’s farewell to Smith, I am left befuddled, confused and concerned that the Who universe will vanish once more from our screens. The simple reason is that the whole last season and the Christmas show was directionless, with plot holes wide enough to contain the time vortex, all the Doctors and Moffat’s ego. I fear for the Doctor as his greatest enemy had risen in the shape of a writer. I have always defended the show but after last night and Moffat’s thin opus to Matt Smith, there is little to defend or forgive. A great show that brought families together has become victim to its weakest link.

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