Unthology 5: A Publisher Making a Difference

Today’s the day *drum roll* *fanfare* and big CHEERS, keep furiously applauding for the neat little beauty that is Unthology 5:


This little beauty is now available from Unthanks Books here for £9.99 or if you want to be even sexier and eco-fiendishly with your read, download from Amazon for £3.99. The book has already caused a bit of a stir:

Other stand-outs include the neatly spliced viewpoints of Death and the Maiden by Maggie Ling, the dark fairytale of Andrew Oldham’s The Lesser God, in which a man slowly turns to stone, and the elegant melancholy of Victoria Heath’s The Coroner. Yes, I know, I’m listing one after another, but it’s difficult to find any to omit. Each tale has its own merit, its own strengths. As I said, this may well be an almost faultless assortment of tales.

Taken from a recent review here. You can’t argue when Unthank Books are reaching for this quality in their publications:

Unthology is quietly becoming a reliable guide to the state of the modern short story, a companion to Nicholas Royle’s annual Best of British Short Stories anthology, and this latest instalment should do that reputation no harm.

You can find me in Unthology 5 with my twisted little ways and you will also find me on twitter over the next few days giving micro reviews of each story in the anthology. So, tune in, get buying and love that short feeling. Unthank Books are the cutting edge of elegance and style.



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