Walking Workgroup with Andrew Oldham at Saddleworth Literary Festival




Walking With Poetry & Landscape
9:00am – 12:00, Sunday, 2nd October, 2016


Ammon Wrigley’s poems have been woven into the Saddleworth hills, valleys and villages. Even our pubs frequent his poetry. This workshop is open to those interested in writing poetry about landscape. It will tap into Ammon’s body of work, and introduce you to other landscape poets, allowing participants to write poetry along the walk.

The 2-3 hour walking workshop will take in one of the walks in Saddleworth* allowing participants to work with the environmental poet, Andrew Oldham, known locally for his column in the Saddleworth Independent (Life on Pig Row) and whose poetry has been heard on BBC Radio Four’s Poetry Please, Channel 4 and included in the seminal anthology Versions of the North: Contemporary Yorkshire Poetry.

During the workshop you will get the chance to hear some of Ammon’s poetry, share your favourite landscape poems with the walking group and get to write poetry that engages the landscape and the environment around you.

To have a chance of attending this workshop, you will need to submit a 30 line poem to Andrew by the 3rd September, 2016 in any style. Participants who are selected to attend the workshop will be contacted by the 17th September, 2016. Send your poem to contact@andrewoldham.co.uk

* the walk will be announced the day before due to weather constraints, and the workshop is subject to cancellation if the weather is bad.

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