100 Days of Writing: Days 1-3

Started on #100daysofwriting slipping into a short story or two never completed.

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Evening 2 of #100daysofwriting and in the hour before putting my son to bed I am pondering the origin of the B&B in my story, part Wigan bus trips in my teens and working in hotels later on. Hotels have always been a place of stories they are the places we let our hair down or let our lives run out.

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Day 3 of #100daysofwriting and I am amazed how easy it is in narrative to slip into a passive voice. I think this happens when I am tired, it is comforting to be passive and outside the narrative but it is a no-no. The voice for me is everything and it is often the voice that reels me into a story. So, when I feel the passiveness creep in I take a break, which is good for back and mind, I go to a local shop and pick up some books, do my physio and find a wind charm in a box in the kitchen, which I clean up and hang by the front door. Then I return to the story. I do around 45 minutes at a time and if I have an idea when I am pottering, out comes the notebook which is interesting when I decide to fill some holes on the kitchen wood work so we can paint them. By mid afternoon I have done around 1500 words but they are words from a voice and not me being comfortable.

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Day 3 of #100daysofwriting and a little break works wonders for the first four pages of the story I am working on. Have found the key to cracking it open, and it is the forest, the feral, the wild things behind the walls.

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