A Year of Writing

After #100daysofwriting and assessing my achievement it would have been so easy to say I’ve ticked that off, let’s do something else but there is something deeply satisfying to me about lists and ticking things off. The idea of days counting up or down really fired me up and also gave me a target. I have been considering the hashtag #writing and #day1, #day2 etc, and there is something rather flimsy about it. So, I have decided that I am throwing my pen down and saying #ayearofwriting #day1 actually I am on #day7 but you get the idea. I am having a countdown throughout 2018. I don’t know if I’ll make it but I will at least map my practice, see repetition of problems and concerns that I can start to reflect on and address. I don’t know how much work I will produce. I committed to the #100daysofwriting for short fiction, and for the interim I am completing two of the stories from that plus an additional idea that I never got around to. Then I may start off sketches for a novel or even poetry but the idea is to share here and on my Facebook Page. When I am out and about you’ll find me on twitter and I am happy to field any questions on any of those platforms. I hope if you have been inspired to do your own #100daysofwriting that’ll you join me in #ayearofwriting so we can all be mariners together.

Image result for rhyme of the ancient mariner

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