A Year of Writing: Days 271-280

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Day 271 of #ayearofwriting and this is still my world. So much miasma. So little words.

Day 272 of #ayearofwriting and I scribble and dribble.

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Day 273 of #ayearofwriting and my last week has revolved around a bed and a bathroom. Today, I felt I had the energy to pick up a book. Decided to revisit something that caught my imagination as a young teenager when I saw the film of the same name. Watch the trailer here, the film is better than the trailer, the novel is better than the film https://youtu.be/VmRPh1xwab8


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Day 274 of #ayearofwriting and today I am in hospital but I get to see this wonderful beacon of hope #pankhurstcentre

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Day 275 of #ayearofwriting and I am starting to see the wood for the trees. It’s been a hard few months and being ill has not helped things over the last few days. The problem is when you do freelance work no one pays you sick pay, you’re off, you are off and that means no money coming in. Being sick for two weeks has put me behind on all my correspondence, submissions and paid work. Never underestimate the problems of being a writer. Thank goodness I still teach or the wolf would have taken me away.

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Day 276 of #ayearofwriting and I have always liked giving talks – pictured here a few years back in Leeds – but readings are odd beasts. I like to talk about craft but when reading your own work it is a strange, alien feeling. You are reading something you have moved on from, does anyone else feel like that? #writers #writing #writersofinstagram#writerscommunity

Day 277 of #ayearofwriting and though the World According to Garp has aged. The death of Walt is still heartbreaking and I am in floods of tears. It must have been awful to write.

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Day 278 of #ayearofwriting and I am planning my week, my writing and penning to do lists amidst the chaos that is our house. There are books, paint cans and building plethora as far as the eye and toes can see and bark. Doing all this with our house guest who had taken a liking to my legs since she moved in. She often wakes from a deep sleep with a woof.


Day 279 of #ayearofwriting and I am fascinated with images of the Fukushima incident. For those of you have lived under a rock for the last few years this was the wholesale failure of a nuclear power station after an earthquake and tsunami. Like Chernobyl it has created a no go zone in our world, a no go zone where the end of the world has happened. It is a zone without humans, a zone of ghosts.

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Day 280 of #ayearofwriting and I am always concerned when writing becomes comfort food.

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