How Do We Make A Choice?

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A big problem with climate change is the problem of choice. As the days tick away and we get farther and farther from the world we once knew and with our present global population growth representing around one hundred thirty million new children each year in the world, that creates a carbon footprint of seven billion six hundred eighteen million tonnes of CO2 being pumped into the atmosphere. That population growth will get faster as more people inhabit the Earth but are we brave enough to have this conversation? The rise in temperature also creates a further problem, disease, parasites and mosquitoes are now widening their field. Diseases killed out by the cold are now mutating faster than we can keep up. We have no idea what new diseases may come our way with 1.5c rise but we only have to look at human history to know that displacement carries disease with it, and there will come a time when the cost of saving people will be too much for an economy. Can we do that to people? Will we do that to people? The simple answer is, we may have no choice at that point but we have a choice now. However, are we mature enough to discuss it or will we throw platitudes, scripture and Gaia nonsense at each other?

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