When The Spirit is Willing…

…But the body isn’t. There comes a time in writing when you know that you have worn yourself down, when you start to think, ‘Maybe if I came up with a mashup I’d get a publishing deal’. Everyone has those days, when you fuse Batman with Rincewind from Discworld, and laugh because they’d be called ‘Batwind’. Did you hear a high pitched fart? Oh no, it’s Batwind. Pbbfft! It is just one of those day where I am banging away at my PhD chapters, only possible chapters and the draft of a story I am supposed to be working on is locked in Google Drive because the person looking at it forgot to give me access and they’re at work, and I’m here typing this. Yes, one of those Batwind days.

Image result for victorian library

You can follow me here each Wednesday through the #clifimadness project which chronicles my research into climate change and how addressing it in fiction, the novel form, may be the answer to reaching a wider audience. I will chronicle my everyday ramblings on twitter and Facebook, please sign up for info there.

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