Reasons To Be Cheerful

I am going to start with a concern. Covid-19 has been horrific for the UK, there is no way of getting around this or deny it. It has though shown the potential for us to stamp down on pollution and my concern is that many will see this as the answer to #ClimateChange. That it is a lie. They will see that by not driving, the weather has improved and they miss the bigger picture, climate. It will be a green light for us to return to our old ways, car reliant, air con mad and selfish because we can all stop tomorrow, and the world will be okay. It won’t. It has been a dry spring. Too dry. We could slip into a summer that is dry also and we could easily be talking about dry spells, months without real rain. We will dismiss this as a blip in the weather, just a great summer but how many irregularities do we have to have before we see a wider picture?

How long before we start to discuss Covid-19 as a #ClimateChange disease? A disease created and spread by population crowding? Let us look at a simple picture. Can you answer yes to any of these questions? Is everyone in your country educated to a level that allows them to be socially mobile? Does everyone in your city have a place to live? Can you afford your food bills? You may be able to answer yes to one of these but the other two? Climate Change, Covid-19 and Population is all part of the same conversation and we will do anything we can to avoid talking about the last one. Yet, I have a reason to be cheerful. We have shown that we can drastically change our ways. We just have to be more radical and provide for all and not just for ourselves.

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