Short Fiction

Andrew has had short stories published in Next Stop HopeTransmission, Gargoyle and The Sunday Times. His fiction has been nominated for the Jerwood-Arvon and he has won awards from the Arts Council.

‘The want and the have of the little bags that flood out of the store doors, with little pieces of cloth, stitched so sweetly, so perfectly, so deliciously in some exotic sweat shop. He could run his fingers along the curve and wire of a bra, across the gussets and taste the country they’ve come from on his sweet little lips. Thailand leaves a sweet odour, caught in the lace that wraps around his tongue; spittle forms at the corners of his mouth as he dreams of burying his head deep into the seams and stitching. Lovely Africa, lovely sweet dark chocolate continent frames his dreams, the desserts and flood plains of basques and bras, whalebone and plastic, heats up the tongue that darts out to greet them. As women pass him, he shudders, he can smell the countries they have armoured themselves with, each limb is a continent that has conquered his nose, overwhelmed his mouth.’ – taken from The Therapy of Saints (published in Transmission)

Flash/Digital Fiction

Andrew’s first breakthrough fiction in the late nineties was Neuter, which was shortlisted for the trAce/Alt-X Hypertext Prize. The text was finally included in several US university digital writing programs. He has been cited as one of the first wave of UK writers to write for the internet rather than reproduce work on it. This transliterary movement has been documented and discussed in Transliteracy in action: Digital Livings. Neuter was a cross media fiction piece bringing together online text, site jacking and flashmob. He was recently shortlisted for the Dead Ink Flash Fiction Prize 2012 with Amsterdam.

Journalism and Essays

The Martian Storyteller in The Short Story edited by Ailsa Cox (Cambridge Scholars Press) available from Amazon here.

Ray Bradbury published by Cengage (2012).

Andrew Oldham Visits at Tania Writes.

Changing Times, Hidden Problems – Andrew’s article on contemporary publishing and getting published.

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