A Mad Dog in a Coffee House

What type of writer are you? There are two distinct variations on the writer (this includes the poet too), the planner and the doer. A simple way to test this is to do the task, a mad dog in a coffee house. Ask a group of writers to imagine this scenario and write about it, that is all. You do not…

A Year of Writing: Days 161-170

Day 161 of #ayearofwriting and I come across the killings after Katrina and one gentleman called Roland J. Bourgeois Jr. and the murders he committed, the bodies left on the streets which had bullet holes in them and did not die from the floods. The people sent in to help them, killing them because they were desperate….

A Year of Writing: Days 51-60

Day 51 of #ayearofwriting and I am tackling the family buffet, and the chaos, accusations and truths that often come out between the pork pie and the chicken drumsticks. All to the tune of George Michael’s ‘I’m Your Man’. Day 52 of #ayearofwriting and I am in a market place I haven’t been in seen I was a teenager….

100 Days of Writing: Days 10-15

Day 10 of #100daysofwriting and a walk ends with me finding a hardback gem in the charity shop. Day 11 of #100daysofwriting and I amazed that (A) I have made it this far, (B) how much work can be achieved in just 30mins or 1 hour. It’s as if the world recedes to a distant muffled fall, you know…

The Reformation Nearing Completion

So, it took one year to write and  three years, one birth, one toddler, a move of house, a change of lifestyle to finish it but here it is.