Knight of the Thimble

New publication day, find my latest short story at Mechanics Institute Review. I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Knowing Character

When you start to consider story beyond the three act structure (the basics being: beginning, middle and end) you realise that even if you map out your story you must know your character before doing so. You must also engage in the form you are writing in e.g. bloody read or watch something because you…

A Year of Writing: Days 141-150

Day 141 of #ayearofwriting an I am under 10,000 words and have the Bridport firmly in my sight. I am cutting and stripping away everything that brings nothing to the story. The myth like quality of Saul’s past is therefore magnified in this process and Alphin and Alder stomp through his dreams. Day 142 of #ayearofwriting and the work…

A Year of Writing: Days 131-140

Day 131 of #ayearofwriting and it is often hard to balance family, work and writing but as a writer you have to be a little selfish, set aside time to write, even if it is in a corner of a wedding reception. Writers like all people have many masks, and we have dilemmas too, more about that…

A Year of Writing: Days 51-60

Day 51 of #ayearofwriting and I am tackling the family buffet, and the chaos, accusations and truths that often come out between the pork pie and the chicken drumsticks. All to the tune of George Michael’s ‘I’m Your Man’. Day 52 of #ayearofwriting and I am in a market place I haven’t been in seen I was a teenager….

100 Days of Writing: Days 4-9

Day 4 of #100daysofwriting and I am in a the midst of the old kitchen, which seems apt as I am writing about goose fat and its three uses. Day 5 of #100daysofwriting the B&B my story is set in owes much to a place I went past on the 617 bus for two years when I was 16-18….

In Defence of Festivals

For those of you who use social media and read the press you will have seen a rise of criticism against some of the bigger festivals, including Hay. Accusations of commercialism, poor pay or no pay for middle rung writers – those authors readers may know but who have yet to make a massive media…