About Andrew

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Andrew Oldham is a disabled writer, journalist and eco-critic. He is a Jerwood-Arvon fiction nominee and his short fiction made the final 50 in the BBC Short Story Award 2021. His fiction has appeared in Mechanics’ Institute Review, The Times Magazine, The Cantabrigian, Transmission, Gargoyle and Unthology 5. His work has been heard on BBC Radio Four’s Poetry Please and Channel 4. He is an ex-BBC journalist and has written for The Guardian. He has contributed on the climate change debate in several publications including The New Statesman. 

Andrew’s poetry pamphlets include Technical Support (1997), Columns of Frozen Light (1998), Breathing Slowly? (1999) and the collection, Ghosts of a Low Moon (Lapwing, Belfast, 2010) which was met with critical acclaim (One of the brightest and most memorable British poetic voices of today – Vince Gotera, Editor, North American Review).

Andrew worked from 1999-2009 in several high profile residences in the North West, Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and North Wales. In 2009, after an accident, he became disabled. His work has reflected on this and can be seen in his most recent work commissioned for UNESCO World Poetry Day 2021. His poems have featured in such publications as Ambit, The London Magazine, Interpreter’s House, North American Review and Poetry Salzburg. He has been included in such important anthologies as Versions of the North: Contemporary Yorkshire Poetry (Five Leaves Press, 2013) and Lung Jazz: Young British Poets for Oxfam (Cinnamon Press 2012). His poetry has been heard on BBC Radio Four’s Poetry Please.

Andrew’s first breakthrough was in the late 1990s with Neuter, which was shortlisted for the trAce/Alt-X Hypertext Prize. The text was finally included in several US university digital writing programs. He has been cited as one of the first wave of UK writers to write for the internet rather than reproduce work on it (this transliterary movement has been documented and discussed in Transliteracy in action: Digital Livings). He went onto write and work with several theatres including the Contact Theatre and the Octagon. He also spent time within writing teams at BBC Drama. He was one of the finalists for the NW Vision Film Award and was a recipient of the Peggy Ramsay Bursary.

He continues to write fiction, some poetry and way too much journalism.

This website is part of the Andrew Oldham Publishing Group for further information on the websites that fall under this group email contact (at) andrewoldham.co.uk

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