Refugees Welcome: Poems in a Time of Crisis
Edited by Oliver Jones
A 20/20 Special Edition






Ghosts of a Low Moon (Lapwing Publications, Belfast 2010). Andrew’s first collection is woven through with the dreams and fractured memories of a road trip across America. It considers the voices that have been lost in the world from the gamblers or Las Vegas to the childhood friends of soldiers. The Ghosts of a Low Moon blends a lyrical tradition against a backdrop of damaged individuals and broken communities.




‘Andrew Oldham is one of our finest younger poets. Coming from a generation that has, by and large, abandoned the possibilities afforded by poetry for addressing important issues, Oldham succeeds remarkably in investing the best of his work with a relevance and urgency which makes it at once challenging and accessible. This first collection amply demonstrates his qualities as a poet: always readable, never obscure, taking the reader with him in his tentative explorations of the extraordinary that lies under the surface tensions of our lives. Here are poems that are witty, moving and entertaining; poems with hidden depths and flashes of insight. It is a first collection full of promise from a poet already writing with skill and originality.’ – Ian Parks

‘Ghosts of a Low Moon captures a mixture of lyricism and damage which is a key note of the collection. I was struck by the different kinds of emotional hauntings in the book: childhood, lost loves, places and landscapes are all capable of returning to disturb the narrators of the poems…There’s a kind of damaged romanticism
which underpins the vision of the book’ – Esther Morgan

Lung Jazz: Young British Poets for Oxfam (Cinnamon Press 2012). Foreword by David Lehman. Edited by Todd Swift and Kim Lockwood. Featuring Luke Kennard, Helen Mort, Andrew Oldham, Clare Pollard, Chris McCabe, Kathryn Simmonds and Owen Sheers.









Versions of the North: Contemporary Yorkshire Poetry edited by Ian Parks (Five Leaves Press, 2013)

Yorkshire has a vibrant and diverse range of poets and poetry, following in the footsteps of such luminaries as Andrew Marvell, Philip Larkin and Ted Hughes. Ian Parks has created a collection that showcases the best of today’s Yorkshire poets. Versions of the North features established writers such as Maurice Rutherford, who was born in Hull in 1922 and who worked in the Humber shipyards for most of his life, and up-and-coming writers like Helen Mort, born in Sheffield in 1985, who won the Foyles Young Poet Award five times. The collection includes the work of sixty poets from the whole of Yorkshire, including Ian Duhig, Douglas Houston, David Tait, Graham Mort, Andrew Oldham, Glyn Hughes, Ann Sansom, Peter Sansom and Pat Borthwick – representing a thriving poetry scene across Yorkshire and the north.





The Lesser God in Unthology 5 (Unthank Books, 2014)

Jakes is turning to stone as he wrestles men from across the North after work but after he has won their money and left them in the mud the truth of why he wrestles comes out.

UNTHOLOGY showcases the work of new or established writers and can include short stories of any length, reportage, essays or novel extracts from anywhere in the world. UNTHOLOGY allows space for stories of different styles and subjects to rub up against each other. It features the classic slice-of-life well told just as much as the experimental, the shocking and strange.





Spanking the Monkey in Next Stop Hope (Route Books, 2003)

A Private Detective riddled in hatred meets his match in a Polish nemesis and his trained monkey.

‘An immensely entertaining mixture of drama, grit and humour. An energetic bag of tricks that never fails to entertain, your next stop should be the book shop.’ – Leeds Guide

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