Update on Incwriters & New Imprints

A busy few weeks since the demise of Incwriters. I have now signed the necessary documents to buy all of the Incwriters imprints in lew of the unexpected termination of my contract as Director. Over the years I have invested money and time into Incwriters and this has never been paid back, this is compensation for lack of payment by The Council over the period of my Directorship. No money has passed hands. I have fought to save the imprints rather than see them end up in limbo as the argument rages on with Incwriters. From April 2011, I will officially have no part in this ongoing argument and the Society as it stands will be terminated. Incwriters may carry on in another form but I will not be part of this. I hope they do carry on and wish them well.

In the meantime, I have agreed that I will not publish any of the imprints in the original form that they were published between 2004-2010. This is not a stumbling block but an opportunity to rebrand, republish and get the work out via kindle. The original imprints were PDFs. I am launching a number of imprints under Andrew Oldham Publishing, these include Goggle Publishing (this is a YouTube channel and will host an online Literature Festival in Summer 2011  – I will be recording a number of poets and writers over the coming month), this is devoted to live video recordings from poetry to fiction to factual. Under is another imprint that will tackle the Incwriters back catalogue, including Incorporating Writing and Red InkRed Ink will be published as ebooks throughout 2011-13 but Incorporating Writing will be split up into several ebooks separated into interviews, articles and columns. The reviews that were published in the magazine will be reprinted via this website over the next few years and will become an archive accessible to all. I feel this approach does not breach my agreement with Incwriters and creates a new branding, new format and more importantly new audiences. All of these will be available via kindle throughout 2011-13. Under will also work with existing publishers looking to republish their back catalogue as ebooks. There will also be three more imprints dealing with poetry, fiction and factual. More on those later. I will launch these from April 2011. My output for all five imprints will be around 25 ebooks a year. I will not be publishing unsolicited work, the slush pile will not appear in my office anymore.

I’m very excited by this move as I believe ebooks are part of the future of publishing. I believe they will sit side by side with other forms from the traditional to the radical.

– Andrew Oldham 18th February 2011

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  1. RG Gregory says:

    A month or two ago I received information through Sam Smith or erbacce (or both) about a compllation, being put together by you, of details concerning poets. I now can’t find the reference, regarding info required, closing date – March 31st? – etc. I’d like to contribute. Can you kindly e-mail the message to me again.

    I was a contributor to Red Ink.


    RG Gregory

  2. Andrew says:

    See http://www.andrewoldham.co.uk/?p=821. This is the only project I am running through 2011. I will be launching several imprints during 2011 for ebooks but this is by invitation only, no slush pile or unsolicited.

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