Poetry: Andrew Oldham

Andrew first performed poetry with the band Bongo Sherbert & The Electrified Yeti Wobblers (The Wok Song, Scream at the Sky) before succumbing to anecdotes under the guises of Shorten Moriarty’s performance poetry (“A Poet and an astronaut” – Poets Get Paid). 

Andrew poetry residencies have included Bolton Town Centre, BBC R1 Bolt Festival, The Lowry, Flintshire Schools and Buxton Theatre. His poetry has been broadcast on local and national radio. Andrew’s poetry has been published worldwide, selections of his work can be found in Ambit, The London Magazine, North American Review, The Interpreter’s House, Gargoyle, Aesthetica, Tadeeb, Poetry Salzburg, Grain and Dream Catcher. His poetry has been translated in Urdu, Russian and Polish.

Andrew has read at a number of festival including Essex Poetry Festival (pictured here), Canterbury Festival, Festival at the Edge, Manchester Poetry Festival and London Book Festival.

The following is read by Char March, who reads one of Andrew Oldham’s poem ‘I have stuck a stone up my nose, Mother’ for radio.

You can hear Andrew read his own poetry at PoetCasting and on YouTube.

‘What’s exciting about Andrew Oldham’s poetry is its breadth.  His restless curiousity addresses everything from childhood memories of candy cigarettes to the current state of America; from the girl in Costa Coffee to the horrors of Auschwitz’ – Clare Pollard

‘The Anchor is a wonderfully vivid and evocative poem, its story told in sn apparently casual style that conceals the craftmanship involved. I can smell it, the stale beer, tobacco smoke (something to be only remembered), cheap perfume, greasy food, whilst delighting in the characters who walk and work on its stage. It’s a delight from end to end.’ – Milner Place on The Anchor

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