The Michael Marks Awards


Great to see the shortlist for this years Michael Marks Award appear.

The Michael Marks award (a relatively new award given to pamphlets) seems to me to be the most interesting kicking about. It is the most obvious place to look for new presses, new voices and a real chance for relatively unheard of poets to get their names up in the so-called “bright lights”…

But its also good for the independent publishers too. The only shortlisted press I’ve even heard of here is Knife’s Forks & Spoons press – but you can bet your life that I’ll be checking out The Crater Press, Kater Murr’s Press, Mariscatt Press and Rondadora Press.

As for which poet will win? I think the smart money would be on Simon Armitage but I’m rooting for Sean Burn!

To read all about the awards go to

DT x

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  1. Geoff Stevens says:

    I see it’s been going for three years. Strange that most poets don’t know about it.
    It would be a pity if Simn Armitage won – let’s see someone new. Geoff

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